iLearnSpace arose out of a perceived need for accredited technology (ICT) classes in Brasil that can be mapped against national standards in a number of countries that are seen as leading examples of educational excellence. Therefore the skills assessed reflect the performance standards demanded in an international context.
The issue in Brasil is that there are no national assessed standards in ICT that guarantee a level of education in technology that reflects standards demanded internationally.
iLearnSpace, therefore, chose to offer the Cambridge ICT Starters Certificate in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as it acknowledges the competencies valued in ICT around the world. Cambridge Assessment International Education is a world-renowned leading examination board. The term, information and communication technologies (ICT) refers to forms of technologies that are used to create, store, share or transmit as well as exchange information. This broad definition of ICT includes such technologies as wireless, audio-visual communications, satellite systems, computer and network hardware and software; as well as the equipment and services associated with these technologies, such as video conferencing and electronic mail, visual design, web, graphics, and desktop publishing.
(UNESCO 2012)

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“The use of technology is so crucial for the future development of any country. Our kids need to feel confident they can compete with the best, internationally”

Laurence Bell, Founder of iLearnSpace

Who We Are

We are experienced professional educators in technology. All of our team have developed there skills in the real world working as illustrators, designers, and programmers before moving into education.

Our team leaders are all post-graduate educated in technology and education. We bring a standard level of excellence to student production rarely seen in education as we use as our benchmark the standards we know in our professional fields.

What We Do

Our goal is to bring a standard of digital fluency to our students. This is beyond what we know of as digital literacy. It is the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, using both cognitive and technical skills.

Our work is a response to UNESCO’s strategic objective on Communication and Information in Brazilian schools. (© UNESCO 1995-2010)

Meet The Team

The dedicated experts changing the way technology is taught in Brasil.

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