An internationally recognised certificate in technology, different from others, just like your child.

At present in Brasil, there is no standard national curriculum and examination process within technology for primary, secondary and high school students. When it comes to teaching technology, schools are left alone to choose what to teach. Without binding governmental guidelines and examinations, technology (ICT) education in Brasilian schools varies greatly.

Leading countries in academic excellence all have a very detailed curriculum and certification process for technology learning that schools have to abide by.

And we believe, rightly so.

The Cambridge Certificate in ICT (STARTERS) conforms to international norms and guarantees your children will get the same exposure to technology learning that the best countries on the planet give to their kids.

...And after they pass the assessment criteria laid down by Cambridge International Examinations they will have a world-renowned certificate to prove it.

Why Cambridge Certificates Count

Some of the top Universities, including Yale and Harvard were asked what they think about Cambridge Qualifications.


Said Cambridge qualifications give excellent preparation for university.


Think Cambridge students think independently.


Said Cambridge qualifications help students succeed at university.


Agreed Cambridge students have in-depth subject knowledge.

Gamification with iLearnSpace

iLearnSpace adds an interesting narrative to each course module. For instance, rather than simply doing the assignment, imagine you are on a mission to disarm a bomb or address world hunger and the only way to do that is to use the module specific software to formulate a solution that contains the exact same learning goals as the abstract for the course.

Some arbitrary graphics like a burning fuse or a hungry child can help provide context. iLearnSpace actively creates higher-level contexts for the entire program that would provide a reason for doing any given task whether it be killing the dragon or saving the real world. By creating a contextualized identity for learners, iLearnSpace makes course assignments more personally relevant thereby enhancing both learning and motivation to continue and complete the work.

This is called Situated Learning or Project-Based Learning.

Digital Literacy

The internet has accelerated change beyond anything our forebears could have imagined. The traditional sense of school no longer works. Digital Literacy is about ensuring the development of a fundamental understanding of computers. The courses at iLearnSpace help students learn the essential skills to begin computing with confidence, be more productive, stay safe online and use technology to complement lifestyle.

Digital Fluency

Nowadays, it is very common for new generations to know not only the sidelines of the equipment, but also to interact and rearrange their functions. Digital Fluency reinforces this practice, stimulating logical thinking, creativity and learning itself. Programming is a way to transfer the understanding for the machine and, accordingly, its learning should be treated as a new language to be mastered.

World Leading Certification

Cambridge International Examinations is the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications for learners aged 5 to 19. Cambridge Assessment is a department of the University of Cambridge, trusted for excellence in education. These qualifications are recognized by the world’s universities and employers.


While our general brain anatomy is similar, neuroscience is showing that no two brains work exactly alike. Personal experiences actually determine where information is stored in the brain, developing unique neuron structures for each person.

At iLearnSpace, we endeavor to expose students to novel experiences when presenting information so as to build entirely new neural connections or to connect new information to previous experiences students have had to take advantage of existing brain pathways.

Emotional Experiences Promote Memory Retention And Recall

Hardwired memories are formed when the Amygdala is active. This is the almond-shaped group of nuclei located deep within the medial temporal lobes of the brain. It has been shown in research to perform a primary role in the processing and saving of memories from emotional reactions. The classic ‘fight or flight’ response originates here. What it means for all vertebrates is a rapid forming of neurons when going through emotional experiences.

Basically, if the student has an emotional experience within a lesson they will be far more likely to remember it because the amygdala will stimulate the production of hard-wired neurons.